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Our design is free of artifice.

We reject the false aesthetics invented by speculative art

Our movement brings new perceptive approaches to reality.

New Essentialism.

We are the primitives of a new sensitivity.

Our art is filled with spontaneity and emotion.

Our creations reflect the impermanent nature of life.

True manifestation of sensitive existence.

Where Sensation is ALL.

We draw and create by and for the awakening of the senses.

In resonance with Nature Wild and unknown,

With The Universe and its Memory,

With sounds and musical rhythms,

We develop the feeling of these sensations,

First & Universal.

For an object carrying Meaning,

For a design that lasts,

That transcends time,

True Communion

With the very essence of the Object

The Design of Origins.


Quallia Design stand for The Anti-design Manifesto. An invitation to the Design of Origins.
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