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Quallia is the story of a woman, Stéphanie Benoit, passionate about materials and a traveler at heart. Her "Quest" pushes her to examine trends, and to confront her vision of a pragmatic and noble design inspired by an absolute thirst.


In search of the timeless expression of the Art object and its substantial marrow she offers her singular look on the Universe of Design and carries us in its wake.


Desired, desirable, these objects speak to us, titillate us, overwhelm us, make us reach those indescribable and intense feelings, those famous "qualias" that give life all its wealth.

Spirit of Quallia Design, created by Stephanie Benoit
Engage your senses with Qualla Design and the Quallia design Collectible Collection
Quallia Design a Curatorial House Project
"Quallia is an intuitive and discursive journey that leads the visitor to intertwine the intimate and the creative and the collective with the universal."
Stéphanie Benoit

This word comes from Qualia (singular Quale) 


Philosophical term to describe our sensations.

"Property of perception, that is, what is felt by a person when an object is perceived. Qualia are known only by direct intuition and therefore cannot be communicated. 

'Qualia are defined to be individual instances of subjective, conscious experience."

Our daily life is full of sensitive experience with subjective effects. These sensations are intimately associated with mental states (passions, emotions).


Its vibration when pronounced seems to continue even after pronouncing it. Like a timeless sound.

And this is where the word creates a link with Stephanie Benoit's universe, an invitation to "travel" and "feel".


For a unique experience beyond words that only experimentation with a luxury Art Object offers. These sensations are the wealth that comes from possessing these precious, rare and timeless objects. It's the Quintessens.

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