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QUALLIA creates, designs and edits emotional objects of authentic beauty that question the living, make our sensitive strings resonate and reconnect us to our humanity. 

A sanctuary for inspired living

Quallia is a home devoted to exploring truth and raising our collective consciousness. The Quallia creation is a musical chord, a stunt, a violent breath, all at once. It reveals incredible strength and amplitude, balance in the imbalance. We will have to do all in our power, passionately, flamboyantly, and with generosity of spirit to increase the delirious fervor of the primordial elements. The intimate nature of Quallia allows for design uninfluenced by global trends or commercial agendas. Quallia’s designs are informed by a far more organic source.

Revealing New Designers

Commited Collection

Emotions Generator

Unique pieces and limited edition

Quallia Collectible Design Gallery

« "I'm interested in what escapes me, not in order to arrest it but, on the contrary in order to experiment with the ungraspable. »

Ann Veronica Janssens. 

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