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E as Emotion - E as Eloquence

A new signature or what distinguishes it from the outset : Emotion.


The avant-garde in the complexity of the present:


A temporal and spatial journey of several years in the world of design and luxury has created in me the need to rethink a world that has become complex and saturated, to revive our attention to things.





A manifesto is a call, a request. He expects something from us and he expects it Now.

"It was a call,
a manifesto."

The essence of humanity is the ability to create and inaugurate new values, new worlds.


As such, the work or artistic object installs a world, of which it is now measure, rhythm and proportion.


It is in the object that we must look for this narrative root with which the art world adorns itself.


In our creations, there is a notion of traces that, through their energy, are able to transcend time and suggest the essential of life.

It is no longer a question of aesthetics but of the spirit of things, which characterizes the games of affinity, symbols and colours.

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