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We advise architects and interior designers but also private clients, hotel groups and companies.


Our quest in each mission is to detect the natural flow, the inner weave, the genius of the place and find the objects that will resonate with this place and give it permanence and harmony.

It is about inspiring a sense of respect for the objects of a house as works of art and design.


 "Design something that means a lot to you." 



Articulated as a symphony whose main movements are:  



1st step: listening in order to understand the life and genesis of the project, observation and appreciation of the place.


2nd step: transform the story thus entrusted into a new interpretation of the places reflecting the emotions of those who live and work there, like a mirror, a new portrait in a sense.


3rd step: Elaboration and discovery of the INTERIOR CARNET of your project composed of inspirations, proposals and analysis. 



- An Emotional Added Value, a Distinctive Added Value, an Inspiring Place to Live.

- A complicity of space with objects and works, which precisely chosen give a certain meaning to life.

- A house filled only with objects that are dear to you, where each space tells a story. 




Enter the place and experience a vibrant space of these objects chosen in perfect harmony with the living space and in resonance with your sensitivity.

Stéphanie Benoit,

Your Art & Design Consultant

After studying art history and obtaining a master's degree in Innovation Design and Luxury, she sharpened her sensitivity

and her taste for aesthetics in one of the most prestigious French luxury houses before travelling and embarking on a quest for treasures. She founded her company Code One Studio in 2008, which advises architects, interior designers and private clients in their research into design and materials.  




Over the years, Code One Studio has worked with the world's leading architectural and design firms. Living and breathing from her passion for design and art, Stéphanie BENOIT founded QUALLIA in 2017 as a breathing space for our emotions where she shares a captivating combination of design, art and her own finely crafted reflections. She works as a design and art consultant, using her experience to guide you in your interior design, scenography and exhibition projects.


Soft skills


Her approach is very personal, tailor-made with the aim of finding those artistic objects that will resonate with the place.


Her credo


It pushes us to surround ourselves with art objects with the same interest as the one that pushes us to keep in our memories the words and images of great poetic or theatrical works or the rhythm of a score. To surround ourselves with these objects of art that encourage us to grow, that participate in the construction of ourselves, in an initiation that prefigures a broader vision of the world.

"Ultimate luxury is not the price of an object, but its spirit in the simplest expression of its function and presence in space. "

Stéphanie Benoit

"What I am seeking is not the real and not the unreal but rather the unconscious, the mystery of the instinctive in the human race."
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